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Dry Woods

We value family, hard work and country, so if you're going to stay at our place here in Ludlow, you better be prepared to roll up your sleeves and pitch in!

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At Revival we our proud to support our military and first responders who we offer discounts to. We also hold dear the right to bear arms bestowed upon us by the Second Amendment, so if you're going to swing by our little establishment you may see a deer hanging from our barn and its best you look the other way if your bothered by the natural course of evolution unfolding before you...

We hope you relax while you're here. We like to celebrate a long day by kicking back a few cold one's around the fire, listening to some classic rock, none of that new stuff...

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Salute the Flag...there is a 40 foot American flag flying high at all times here at Revival. Embrace it, don't let it scare you...we even left on your bedside table a copy of the US Constitution

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